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Hawaiian name for michael

hawaiian name for michael

Michael translation in English- Hawaiian dictionary. Hawaiian Names Have you ever wondered what your name would be when translated into Hawaiian? Maui Divers of Hawaii has translated some of the most popular Hawaiian names into English for you. . Mia - Mia, Michael - Mikale. Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter: Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it: Aloha Mike Schimmel. More from e-Hawaii Staff bombucha Bombucha — Pidgin English Definition bombucha bahm boo cha See bumboocha. Closest thing we could find was Alyssa which is Alika. Marsha - Maleka Marshall - Malekala Marta - Maka Martha - Maleka Martin - Malakina Marty - Maleki Marvin - Malawina Mary - Malia MaryAnn - Hawaiian name for michael MaryAnne - Meleana Marylou - Melelu Matt - Makaio Matthew - Makaio Maude - Mauke Maureen - Maulena Maurice - Maulike Mavis - Mewike Maxine - Makina May - Mei Maynard - Meinala Megan - Mekana Melanie - Melani Melinda - Melinaka Melissa - Melika Melody - Melokia Melvin die 1 periode Melewina Meredith - Melekike Merle - Mele Merlene - Melene Mia - Mia. I would be so happy if you could help me. Wesley - Wekeli Whitney - Wikelani Wilfred - Wilipeleke Will - Wile William - Wiliama Willie - Wile Wilma - Wilema Wilson - Wilikona Winifred - Winipeleke Winona - Winona Winston - Winikona Wyatt - Wiaka Yasmine - Iakamine Yolanda - Iolana Yvette - Iweke Yvonne - Iwone Zach - Kakali Zachary - Kakali.

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Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. Eat Keeaumoku Seafood — As Fresh As it Gets. December 21, at 3: Community Activities in Hawaii Breast Cancer Awareness Hokulea - Voyaging Canoe Your Name in Hawaiian. Ya i cannot find Tessa at all on this page id like to know thank you.

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hawaiian name for michael

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